Food so good you’ll crave it in your sleep. Morrison’s traditional Irish food and drink
includes made-from-scratch family recipes with authentic local and imported ingredients.
Far from boring, you’re in for a flavorful food adventure.



Lunch served from 11am-4pm

additional lunch options

Irish Soda Bread

Traditional Irish bread made with Irish whiskey-
soaked currants by Lucianna’s Pastries, served
with Kerrygold pure Irish butter. ~ $4.95

Bowl of Leek Soup

Broth-based soup made with leeks, carrots and
celery. (Vegetarian and Gluten free) Served
with a slice of Irish soda bread. ~ $5.95

Bowl of Bubble & Squeak

A Morrison family recipe! Cabbage, ground beef
and onion in a cream-based soup. Served with a
slice of Irish soda bread. ~ $5.95

Large Garden Salad

Spring mix with tomato, onion, and cheese. Your
choice of ranch or house-made Dijon, white wine
vinaigrette. $5.99

Have a couple extra minutes?
Add grilled chicken breast for just $3.00
Add 7-oz. of fresh grilled Salmon for $10.95

Irish Quesadilla

Flour tortilla filled with shredded corned beef
and Irish cheddar cheese, served with
horseradish sauce. ~ $8.95

Bowl of Irish Stew

Guinness based stew made with tender steak,
carrots, celery and onion, surrounding a
dollop of homemade mashed potatoes. Served with
a slice of Irish soda bread. ~ $10.95

main menu


Bubble & Squeak

A Morrison family recipe. Cream-based stew
with cabbage and ground beef.
Cup ~ $3.95 Bowl ~ $5.95

Leek Soup

Broth-based soup with creamed potatoes,
carrots, and leeks
Cup ~ $3.95 Bowl ~ $5.95

Irish Quesadilla

Flour tortilla filled with shredded corned beef
and Irish cheddar cheese, served with
horseradish sauce. ~ $8.95

Garden Salad

Spring mix with tomato, onion and cheese,
choice of Ranch or house dressing.
Small ~ $2.95 Large ~ $5.99
Add Grilled Chicken Breast ~ $3.00
Add 7-oz. of fresh grilled Salmon ~ $10.95

Irish Soda Bread

Traditional Irish bread made with whiskey
soaked currants, served with Kerrygold pure
Irish butter. ~ $4.95

Irish Beef Stew

Traditional beef stew with carrots, onion, and
celery, a Guinness-based gravy, and served
over a dollop of mashed potatoes.
Cup ~ $6.95 Bowl ~ $10.95

Meat and Cheese Platter

Irish bacon, thin-sliced corned beef, and Irish
cheeses served with crackers. ~ $16.95

Smoked Salmon Platter

Sliced smoked salmon, diced egg, capers, onion,
beer cheddar, horseradish sauce and crackers ~ $16.95


Irish potato pancakes served with a side of
horseradish sauce and beer cheddar sauce.
~ $6.95


All served with Guinness crisps (substitutions allowed). If you’re looking to lighten your sandwich most offerings can be made into a lettuce wrap. Just ask your server.

Guinness Grilled Cheese

Melted cheese with Guinness-sautéed onions on
thick-cut white bread.
~ $6.95

Corned Beef Sandwich

Sliced corned beef on marble rye with mild Swiss
cheese and house-made English mustard sauce.
~ $8.95

Dublin Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast topped with Irish cheddar
and a slice of Irish bacon on a pub bun, served with
garlic aioli. ~ $9.95

Chicken on a Wrapt

Grilled chicken breast with diced tomato, lettuce,
and shredded cheese in a flour wrap with your
choice of ranch or house dressing.~ $9.95

Curry Chicken Salad

Chicken breast with almond, celery, red
grapes in a light curry mix served on pub bun.
~ $10.95

Cheddar Burger

1/2 pound of ground beef topped with melted Irish
cheddar on a dark Duke bakery bun. ~ $10.95

Irishman Burger

1/2 pound of ground beef topped with corned beef,
cabbage, and Irish cheese on a dark Duke bakery bun,
served with horseradish sauce. ~ $12.95


1/2 pound of locally sourced ground lamb
topped with melted goat cheese, served on a
dark Duke bakery bun.~ $16.95

Main fare

Bog Pony

A boxty topped with cabbage, shredded corned
beef and Irish cheddar, served with horseradish
sauce and crisps.~ $9.95

Corned Beef Platter

Traditional Irish-American cuisine of corned beef
brisket, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. ~ $14.95

Cottage Pie

Made with a traditional recipe of beef and
vegetables in a red wine sauce, topped with
potatoes and Irish cheddar. ~ $12.95

Irish Slinger

A boxty topped with Irish cheddar, 2 eggs,
Irish bacon, onion, and covered in homemade
English-style beans. ~ $12.95

Guinness Fish & Crisps

8 ounces of Guinness-battered cod, served with
Guinness crisps. ~ $12.95

Bangers and Mash

Irish-style sausages, served over colcannon topped
with house-made, sweet onion gravy. ~ $10.95


Whiskey-glazed salmon filet, served with a side of
boxty and parsnips. ~ $17.95



Traditional Irish cabbage. ~ $1.95


Carrot-like root vegetable cooked in a sweet
whiskey glaze. ~ $2.95

Billy Goat Chips

Tasty potato chips made in nearby St. Louis. ~ $2.50

Guinness Crisps

Imported Guinness-flavored chips. ~ $3


Mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage, and Irish
cheddar and butter. ~ $3.95


Irish potato pancakes. ~ $4.95


Root Beer Float

Root beer over vanilla bean ice cream ~ $5.95

Guinness Float

Guinness over vanilla bean ice cream. ~ $6.95

Whiskey & Chocolate
Bread Pudding

Homemade chocolate bread pudding with a
whiskey glazed sauce. ~ $6.95

Kitchen Hours 11am-10pm

Looking for a Gluten-free option? Just ask!




Pot O’ Gold

A vodka-based drink made with elderflower
syrup, cucumber, mint, and ginger beer.

Irish Mary

Your choice of vodka, bacon vodka or Irish
whiskey. Adorned with a pickle, slice of corned
beef, Kerrygold cheese and a brussel sprout.

Milk and Honey

A comforting cocktail mixed with Irish Cream,
Irish Whiskey, heavy cream, and honey.

Old Thyme Sour

A blend of Irish whiskey and chartreuse with
elderflower, thyme, lemon, egg white, and
a dash of bitters.

Black Nail

An Irish twist on a rusty nail. Made with Irish
whiskey, honey liqueur, and garnished with
an orange peel.

Irish Manhattan

A famous cocktail made with sweet vermouth
and bitters. For a Morrison’s twist, we add
Irish whiskey.

Honey Smash

A honey whiskey-based cocktail mixed with mint
simple syrup, lemon, and water.

Hot Whiskey

A hot Irish whiskey drink made with brown
sugar, lemon, clove, and water.

Elderflower Mint Coffee

A floral, yet sweet combination of coffee,
elderflower syrup, Irish whiskey, cream, and mint.

Irish Whiskey Smash

An old-fashioned style cocktail with an Irish
whiskey base, muddled mint, sugar,
and club soda.

Honey I’m Home

Irish honey whiskey, ginger beer, and bitters.
Topped with a lemon wedge and honeycomb.

Blackberry Dew

An Irish whiskey drink with muddled
blackberries, simple syrup, lime juice, and tonic.

Irish Coffee

A traditional Irish drink made with coffee, Irish
whiskey, brown sugar, and topped with a
heavily whipped cream.

Duane’s Irish Coffee

A blend of coffee, Irish whiskey, and cream.
Topped with whipped cream and mint liquor.

Rose’s Whiskey Sour Slush

A Morrison’s family recipe of whiskey and sour
mix frozen to perfection.


Rose’s Whiskey Sour Slush

Rose’s Whiskey Sour Slush shot

Baby Guinness

A layered shot of Irish cream and coffee liquor
made to look like a pint of Guinness.

Irish Flag

A mix of Irish cream, mint liquor, and Irish
whiskey layered to look like the Irish flag.

Fiery Redhead

An entertaining mix of Irish creme, coffee liquor,
and blue curacao. Topped with 100 proof
Irish whiskey.

Nutty Irishman

A creamily delicious mix of Irish cream
and hazelnut liquor.

Irish Breakfast

A mix of Irish whiskey and butterscotch liqueur
followed by a shot of O.J. topped with bacon.

Irish kiss

A chilled blend of Irish Cream and
Irish Honey whiskey.

Irish Duck Fart

Jameson, Irish cream, and coffee liqueur.


Guinness Draught

Nitro-based Stout


Robust Nitro-based Stout


Irish Red Ale


Irish Cider


Irish Lager

Guinness Blonde

American Pale Lager


Still thirsty? We’ve got an impressive rotating selection of domestic and
imported tap beer, ciders, and non-alcoholic beverages.