Morrison's Logo

200 State Street | Alton, IL


family owned and operated 

Morrison's Irish Pub was started in 2015 when, as a family, we thought about how nice it would be if we could bring a taste of what we experienced in the small towns and pubs we visited in Ireland. We loved the cozy atmosphere and friendly feeling throughout our visit, and our hope is to make you feel the same warmth and comfort. 

When we first looked at this wonderful brick building that dates back to 1865, we fell in love and we hope you do, too. Inspired by the small towns pubs in Ireland, we hand-built the bar and all of the tables. Our labor of love went from morning to night from February to late July, when we quietly opened our doors.

Of course, a huge contribution to our pub atmosphere are our wonderful patrons and musicians. It is not unusual to hear patrons gathered at the bar or in the booths break out into song. On Thursday nights, a group of our patrons routinely gather from 6 to around 9 p.m. and proudly sing "Irish Sea Shanties." Every Friday and Saturday night, we have live Irish music beginning around 8 p.m. and lasting 'til midnight. When available, our local, Dan O'Neill, comes in around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoons and delights the crowd with his guitar and song.

So please, join us, make the best of our time here. Relax, converse, sing, eat, drink. As the song goes - "There are no strangers here, only friends that we've never knew."